fotolia_1038833081“It is much more important to know what sort of a patient has a disease than what sort of a disease a patient has.”
»Sir William Osler
Human body is governed by self-regulation. When we explore this process, we gain the ability to control our health and feel more confident about it. We believe that focusing on causes —rather than symptoms — enables us to gain permanent effects and successfully prevent diseases. This is why the patient’s commitment is vital for recovering, which also indicates the need for their sound knowledge.
The absence of viruses and bacteria is not an indicator of health. Microbes are unable to cause a disease unless the balance of the inner environment of the body is disrupted. They are always present in the organism and some are vital for its proper functioning. Diseases are not caused by the presence of viruses and bacteria; it is the weakness or disorder of natural body functions which is responsible for the pathogenic actions of microorganisms.
In order to recover, we must regain the lost balance.
What determines the proper functioning of the organism?
What contributes to good health?
What is the immunity system and how to support it?
How does food impact health?
Do synthetic vitamins and minerals work in the same way as natural ones?
We intend to answer these questions during the meetings of the Academy of Health.