What is the Akademy

The Academy of Health is a series of monthly meetings which take place throughout and beyond Poland.

The aim of the Academy is to give you insight into the natural ways of protecting your health which are connected with your lifestyle and general basics of a healthy life.

We try to illustrate the relevance of causal treatment — as opposed to symptomatic (drug) treatment — and demonstrate which factors determine good health, how food and herbs influence it, how important natural supplementation is or what difference there is between natural and synthetic supplements. We also want to show you how to find the sources of natural supplements, how to recognise nutrient deficiencies or the presence of toxic metals in your tissues, how to determine your metabolic type, acid-base balance as well as other factors linked with eating habits and detox programmes.

Faced with civilisation threats, we should know how to keep our wits about us and what to do in order to attain the optimum level of health.

The Academy helps to introduce and monitor changes in eating habits and in lifestyle in order to facilitate prevention, treatment support and rehabilitation.

We kindly invite you to our website and to our meetings. Our ambition is to inspire you with our passion and enthusiasm and to encourage you to expand knowledge about health on your own.

The admission is free.